Are the activities your working on helping you progress towards the life themes you want?

Are you every single day making progress towards the first end state in the various aspects of your life?

Look at your notes, your to do’s and examine your overall priorities. Are they organized in a way you can

understand, easily accessible and next steps clearly identified by Business Strategy of Mentrabi ?

This is something we all struggle with everyday. It’s much easier to read (insert favorite social media

feed here) and sip on a cup of (insert favorite beverage here) then get the brain juices flowing and make

magic happen.

I read a quote the other day.

“The environment in which you live and work is a reflection of your mind.”

This quote is generally amazing in its meaning. If your mind is a scattered mess, so too will your work

and home environments, don’t let the fact that you have co-workers or direct reports or a partner at

home picking up after you cloud your judgment. You are in fact, a mess.

Don’t know who said it, or when, I’ll find out.

Fix your mind and your environment will follow. Be true to yourself so you can be true to others. In our

last post we discussed the guideline for setting your daily priorities. Maybe I’m backwards here in

relating the fact that if your mind is a mess you need to clean that up first and foremost.

But I’m not, once you’ve been able to identify your priority order for each day, understand that if you

want to stay consistently effective at the execution you need to clean up that mess in your head.

James Altucher writes that you should have a daily practice that addresses your spiritual, mental and

physical well being first thing every day and every time you need a reminder. Check out his ideas.

Take his suggestions one step further by:

Putting up reminder post its in all the key areas

Change your computer and phone backgrounds to represent your life themes

Have automated emails or calendar invites pop up throughout the day to remind you what

you’re working towards.

I don’t know anyone who has done it, but maybe it’s time you get tattoo on your forearm of all

the themes you want to live as a constant reminder to stay focused on what is important to you.

Let me know by leaving a comment, reach out on social media or via email what areas in your mind you

can improve on to become more effective in running your themes.