Your business model is how you make and spend money, with the obvious goal of keeping more than

you spend. The two primary levers to do this are reducing cash outflows, and increase cash inflows.

You’re approach to each requires knowledge, experience, passion and innovation before you can get

into strategy and later tactics.

The only way to develop the YOU in this scenario is to have elite focus on your work and a solid

supporting cast you can delegate the work too.

Finally, to get to the goal (Freedom!) your business must be able to hum without you in the office.

To get to your elite focus starts with a vision, as we’ve touched on before. But what’s more than that, is

defining who you are in the business itself. As the owner / head manager / executive whatever your

title, your primary concern is increasing cash inflows and managing cash outflows.

Or is it?

It should be, if your passion is being an Executive.

What if you passion is being in Management?

Or what if your passion is being the Talent?

Business Model Strategy – Identify You in Action

The Executive

As an executive, you manage the strategy and are responsible for drumming up the business required to

keep the business going.

The Management

Within Management, you’re responsible for the operations from customer service to strategic sourcing

to accounting. You take the business in flows from the executive and facilitate them into resolved client


The Talent

Finally as the Talent, you’re responsible for creating and delivering the product to the client. It’s up to

you to perfect the cake, the report or fix the brakes.

Where do you think you land within these 3 roles, and where are you today? Leave a comment below.