Your responsibility as the management is everything within the company. Your job is to perfect the

processes and manage expenses. You make the machine hum. Oh and below we cover one more that is

of extreme importance you don’t want to miss.

Think about project management, HR work, cost savings, IT and strategic sourcing as just a few options.

What the corporate world calls cost centers as opposed to profit centers. It’s not your job to sell clients

or create marketing content, nor is it your job to build or create new products for clients.

You make the business run and you should do it with these 3 goals in mind:


Make sure the people you hire are the best you can find. Don’t hire someone just because you have a

need and they’re the only ones who applied. Hire someone because they will do the task at hand better

than anyone else in the market place.

Create Systems

Systems eliminate ambiguity in the work flows of the business and allow tasks to flow smoothly. The

smoother they flow, the easier their done, the lower the costs, the more efficient the business and the

happier the employees and clients.

Client Service

This one is arguably the most important. It’s your responsibility to keep abreast of client comments and

concerns and reviews post purchase. The Executives drum up the business, the Talent delivers on the

product, but it’s your job to keep the client happy post sale.

Why are you better suited for management than the other two rolls? Leave a comment below.