It’s easier to focus in on small tasks that you can execute today versus trying to accomplish the big dream in one day.

Looking at your big lofty goals and trying to accomplish them in short order creates overwhelm, stress and leads to procrastination.

Business Strategy Execution – Chunk the work In Action

Start with your overall vision and work backwards. Know where you want to be long term and start breaking down the executables to get there. Look at everything, breaking each one down into smaller more manageable tasks until you can get something done today.

Business Strategy Execution – How to chunk the work

Get out a pen and lots of paper and start planning. Start with the grand vision and come up with 3,4,5…10 things that have to happen in order for your vision to be accomplished.

Now look at each one of those “things” and determine a series of actions required to accomplish each one of those.

Repeat this exercise until you have a massive chart of “stuff” to do.

There’s your Business Strategy Plan, laid out for you and ready to go!

How easy was that?

Probably not very easy, it’s going to take a ton of work to lay all this out. It’s going to rattle your brain as you work through it, if you have partner(s) get their help in getting this task done as it’s no small feat. Have plenty of fuel nearby and work on it at your most productive time of day.

How do you plan for the future? Leave a comment below and let us know!