Having the right plan in place is the most important thing your business needs. Clients and profitable

sales, arguably, can be considered the most important thing, but without a plan can you get enough

profitable clients in the door?

Business Strategy Development In Action

Business Strategy Planning

The plan starts with a vision and that vision has to come from you, the leader. That vision when turned

into a plan becomes your business strategy.

Don’t have a vision? Then try this exercise out, sit in a quiet place for an hour and think about this


What are you going to do for the clients?

Business Strategy Execution

Execution of that plan is key, but visioning without a plan is dreaming and dreaming never got anyone

anyplace. You must take action against your business strategy to turn those dreams into reality

Visioning and planning isn’t that complicated, it takes time and focus to start with a grand idea and

break it down into bite size chunks. It requires some brain power to do this but set aside intentional

time for this exercise and lock everything and everyone else out until you’re done.

Business Strategy Execution – Chunk the work

Getting to that vision requires you to step back from the day-to-day execution of your business that we

all get stuck in. While the day-to-day activities are important, you have to ensure that your spending the

right amount of time on the right activities that will lead your business towards your vision. Without a

vision or solid actionable plan, what are you working on?

What’s preventing you from getting a business strategy on paper? Leave a comment below and let us