You’ve identified yourself as the role of The Executive. That’s great!

Bad news though, the buck starts and stops with you.

The executive has the ultimate responsibility of getting the business going. You have the vision, set the

strategy, delegate the tactics and negotiate the business deals all in the hopes of solving client needs

and generating massive profits.

You should set aside time each year and quarter to reflect upon your existing strategy to analyze what’s

working and what isn’t, as well as time to develop future strategy to keep your company moving along.

Understanding your existing market dynamics, new market opportunities, direct and indirect

competition are primary knowledge bases you should have at the ready at all times.

One of the key ways to prioritize all of this responsibility is to focus on client penetration within your

business. There are 4 levels: Existing clients, clients who are cash in hand ready to buy, clients who left

their wallets at home but are researching their purchase, and clients who are interested in solving their


Business Model Strategy – The Executive Prioritization Model In Action

Existing Clients

Any work you have to do that is for an existing client must be prioritized above all else. They have or will

be paying you, so focus here.

Cash in hand clients

These clients are next as they’ve determined you will solve their problem for them. Don’t let that slip

away by ignoring them.

Clients researching the purchase

Third priority because they didn’t bring their wallets but they are considering you as their problem

solver of choice, make sure you give them every reason to chose you before the interaction ends.

Clients who have a problem but aren’t considering a purchase

They’re like all the clients in the first 3 categories but don’t know yet that they need a problem solved.

4th on the list, but still a priority over spray and pray marketing because they have the interest and need

to purchase from you.

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