Do you have a social media account that you actively use?

Do you use paid advertising on social media?

Can you claim that social media is a viable distribution channel for your product where you can profitably transact business?

A billion people are on Facebook and millions more congregate on the other major platforms. Each has a great use and each survives off advertising. Each has so many people on them you’ll never meet 99.99% of them. You have your circle, they (everyone else) have theirs.Here is Mentrabi Business Strategy Analysis.

It only makes sense then, that your business should be on one or all of these platforms, so your business can be smacked in the face of everyone hoping they buy, right?

Right? ….

You should be on it if your business is using the platform correctly. If you’re not using it correctly, quit wasting your time. Cut your losses or figure out how to use it effectively.

How do you know if you’re using it correctly?

Are you measuring what you’re doing, in other words are you watching the statistics and adjusting your tactics to maximize the best posts? That’s way 1.

Way 2 is a little deeper that I want to digress for a moment away from social media and into what most of us call real life.

Social Media and the internet is real life, but I’m talking about old school face to face interaction.

If you’re with your best friends are at a bar catching up having a brew and just enjoying the night, how would you feel if someone randomly approached you and ask you to buy their new shampoo product?

Annoyed, am I right?

What if there’s that guy (or girl) in your group who never fails to over share their life and not take an interest in yours or others? You know who I am talking about, we all do it to some extent, and we need to, but some people just….go…too…damn…far.

Take a look at your business social media page. Split your posts up into two categories, helpful information for others and your own product pimping.

What category has more posts, the pimping or the sharing? If it’s the pimping, guess what, you’re business is that annoying friend.

There’s a time and a place to pimp your product, figure out what those metrics are and start there. If your product is beer and hot dogs, then pimp away at the bar it’s the right time and place.

Measure though, you must measure. If there’s a child at the bar next to their parents, don’t pimp to that child the beer and hot dogs. Not simply for the fact that that shit just isn’t cool, but they don’t have any money!

Once you’ve identified the right time and place, you have to identify the people able and willing to buy!

Is anyone on social media able and willing to buy your product right now? Maybe, depends on your product and is truly and individual answer.

Just because they say you need to have your business on social media doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for your business. Social media is distracting, time consuming and frustrating so make sure if you are going to use it, and you use it right and MEASURE your activities. Only do the things that work, and if nothing works, get on to something else.

Don’t get lost in the tactics of doing x, y or z tasks without strategic reason, your brother-in-law said so isn’t a strategic reason (unless I’m your brother-in-law).