To go from mundane today to beach living money machine tomorrow you need to get to work.
Everybody has different triggers for stimulation, if you’re not being stimulated, your work will be subpar.
It’s best to find someone who will be good at the work and will trade their time for your money.
You must identify the work that you enjoy doing and focus on doing that work With Business Strategy.

Also, you need to have the right energy, mindset and environment that will allow you to get work done.
You must take care of yourself so your healthy and energized to put everything you can into your work.

  • Sleep right
  • Eat right
  • Exercise right

Focus on maximizing your energy levels for brain and physical activity.

Find reflection time.

Sleep for at least 5 sleep cycles.

Maximize your environment for peak productivity.

Give each new habit a month or two for your body and habits to adjust before changing it up.