Learn why a mentor is important

Struggling to find the next path for your business ?

Not sure where to go for guidance to tackle those hard questions?

Feel like you’re under qualified to make those hard decisions ?

In this article you’ll learn why a mentor is important when developing proper business strategy.

Why is mentor important to business strategy?


  • Because you’ll learn what has and hasn’t worked through others successes and failures
  • Be able to identify business models that work
  • Learn to think more effectively
  • You’ll work with purpose
  • Remembering that a mentor is a guiding light and only 1/3 of the recipe of success (Mentrabi: Mentor, Mantra, Business)
  • Even if your mentor is a competitor you can look to them for success and devise a plan to beat them

You’re entire life growing up you learned your habits from your keepers and rules from society.

But, rules are meant to be broken

If you’ve followed all the rules so far, there’s a good chance you’re bored. A mentor can show you how to challenge the norm, break the rules, help people and become un-bored.

Mentors can teach you how to lead

So do you even need a mentor?

Not in the traditional sense of the word but it is important to know what is out there, what has worked, what hasn’t and why it failed.

Don’t waste your time trying to re-invent the wheel, use the wheel to fix something else.

Understanding the successes and connecting the why’s in the failures brings about a light most people never see, one that fuels your brain to see opportunity where it doesn’t clearly exist.

Taking your own experiences, passions and the rules applied to you, and then layering on ambition and mentoring, places you at an advantage because you’re seeing things through on innovative lens as opposed to the lens imposed on you by society.

Aren’t mentors the same as coaches?

I’d argue that there is a difference between mentors and coaches… Cost.

Coaches charge you for their time and they may not even had the ideal experience for you.

Are they a waste of money? No not if you use them right.

A mentor though will provide wisdom through experience that you may not be able to get from a coach.

Studying a person’s work can create a mental mentor relationship that tends to be nearly as beneficial.

If you want to exceed expectations in your craft, fully expect to know the past present and future of it at a minimum and at a maximum goal to be a thought leader in your craft.

A mentor whether direct or through study will contribute to your getting there.

When we’re discussing business strategy within a particular industry, however, we know that it’s important for you to focus on your industry and achieving the objects you’ve set out for your company. That focus alone is enough for a full time job plus some, trying to focus energy towards understanding and then building missions, strategies and executable tactics is plane overwhelming.

I’m sharing our system through these articles so you can learn it for free, but know that Mentrabi is here to work through the missions, strategies and tactics for you while you focus on what’s important.