Are you in retail / wholesale trade and hate the internet companies in your industry?

Are you in a services trade and have a traffic problem?

Are you in any business trade and struggling to remain profitable?

Problems we’re all having, am I right?

In our last post we discussed the ease with which so many people today get lost in small tactics which end up making you feel busy but unaccomplished.

How do you avoid this trap?

By staying focused on the most important thing you can do for your business With Mentrabi Business Strategy Analysis.

You’re the owner / manager, the most important cog in the machine, you have something that will ease pain for a group of people and you might have people working for you, relying on you.

You’re the product designer, marketing manager and strategic planner all wrapped up in a nice little box.

So why do you spend your time working in your business?

Are you focused on measuring your marketing tactics and enhancing the best ones?

Are you focused on delivering the best quality product on time every time?

If you’re not, you’re losing.

Below you’ll discover the 4 most important things you must do every day to drive a profitable business forward.

Existing Clients

Your number one task today, every day, is to take care of the clients who’ve paid you money, most importantly, the ones who’ve paid you money and are waiting on product delivery. Once you’ve taken care of them, focus on following up with clients who’ve completed a transaction with you to ensure they’re happy. Your best customer is a repeat customer.

Consumers Ready to Spend

Next, you must focus on those clients who haven’t given you that check but are ready to write it out to someone. You must close the sale with this group of people before someone else does. They’re ready to buy and it will either be with you or someone else. What are you doing to make sure it is you?

Window Shoppers

Your 3rd most important task of the day is to interact with those potential clients who are looking for your product but left their wallet at home. They aren’t quite ready yet to spend money and are shopping the planet looking for someone to fill their need. Your job for this client is to show them how your product eases their pain, resolves their problem better than anyone else can do.

The Universe of People

Finally, your 4th most important task of the day is to build brand awareness. What, you say, how is that profitable for your business? Well, there’s an entire earth of people out there, some of which have a problem that you can solve. If they don’t know you exist, you won’t be the one solving their problem. This audience isn’t in a position to purchase today, their either busy with something else, haven’t done enough research to know how or if they’re ready to have their problem solved, or maybe can’t quite afford it yet. In any case, it could be a number of reasons but most importantly is they have a need, you have a need killer and at the very least you need to be aware of each other.

Ok so there are thousands of tactics that fall under each of these 4 umbrellas that must be done every day. But if you step back and take a ten thousand foot view of your daily situation, this order of prioritization will help you work most effectively.

Therefore, your number one goal you’re responsible for every day is, in this order, delivery of your product to existing client, close a sale with immediate potential client, interact with highly qualified clients and build brand awareness.

In upcoming articles we’ll dive deeper into the tactics at each level by first understanding the 3 types of people every business needs on payroll.

Leave a comment below; what do you spend most of your time doing every day?