meet mentrabi

You are in the right place for growing your business online. The internet is a cluttered place; littered with alerts and distractions.

Millions of businesses mean many products become commodities. Standing out requires more than marketing or social media or a website. It requires a full on brand strategy.

Mentrabi is on a mission to make digital marketing EASIER for small business owners. We bring clarity to the process. We remove the headaches by setting up systems so that YOU can do what your business set out to do.

meet Shane Blazer

Shane has 12 years experience in B2B and B2C working for 3 Fortune 500 companies. Shane excels at growing sales & profit. He leverages data for insights. Then creates situation specific strategies and builds systems to execute them.

Shane has also dabbled in entrepreneurial ventures since childhood. Face painting, lemonade stands, profiting from fantasy football. One of the first at his school with internet access where he leveraged that for various profits. The list goes on!

Mentrabi is the first big venture he’s taken on to serve people at scale and deliver MORE impact.

"I love making things better. I love cars. I love projects around the house. Fixing all kinds of machines inside and outside. But with one goal in mind, an eye for Improved performance with strong ROI." - Shane